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What we will focus on

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching program is designed to assist in the development of high potential leaders. Business executive coaching will ensure that your leaders achieve personal and professional goals that are necessary to deliver critical strategic outcomes. The program will allow leaders to set development goals, learn from mistakes, improve execution, and focus on getting results quickly. The process starts with an individual assessment and no-charge initial consultation. Once the program begins an Executive Development Plan (EDP) is developed to serve as a blueprint for all long and short term development activities and is the primary tool to keep the program on track. The program can be done in a virtual or live setting. 

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Business processes are typically overlooked when implementing improvement activities. This  causes businesses to miss some of the biggest opportunities for waste elimination and growth.  Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC works in collaboration with process owners and managers using various proven methodologies.  The improvement process starts with a value stream map to identify areas where they can improve accuracy, effectiveness/efficiency and then redesign those processes to realize the improvements. BPI is effective because it analyzes the processes and employee skills that could be improved to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow, and overall business growth.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Many times manufacturing companies hire consultants to help solve operational issues.  This often leads to endless data collection, sophisticated charts, frustration on the shop floor, and confusion within the team.  Many times the team meets the “goal” without a direct improvement to the bottom line.  When questioned the expert usually says, “Even though the bottom line didn’t improve, it would have been much worse”.  Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC works directly with your process teams in a very understandable way using the 5 phases of Lean and Six Sigma for solving problems.  The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle is used to track results and is an important part of the overall improvement process. An understanding and agreement of where the P&L will be improved is one of the main project deliverables and will be tracked as part of the improvement project.

Systems for Management

Once the improvements to the process are achieved, it must be maintained and become part of the way business is conducted. Based on the process value stream map which includes the identification of critical “Y” outputs for each process, line capability and risk assessments, Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC works with your team to develop an overall System for Management.  The system includes identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and data touch points that escalate issues and non-normal events to the appropriate level of the organization.

Group Facilitation

As a group facilitator, Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC provides indirect leadership to help foster discussion, exchange of ideas and best practices, solve problems and reach decisions. This includes problem solving teams, leadership conferences and business networking groups. Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC works to draw out answers, build common vision, develop and track win-win goals.  

Training Workshops

Training workshops for up to 12 people per session are offered in these areas: 

  • Internal Auditor: The workshop will cover the basics of auditing in a classroom setting followed by hands on applications to re-enforce the concepts. 

  • 5-S as an operational efficiency tool: 5S is more than housekeeping and workplace organization.  During this workshop we understand how 5S is one of the most valuable tools to in improve efficiency. 

  • FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis): The workshop teaches how to quantify and prioritize risk within a process (business and manufacturing), product or systems and then track actions to mitigate that risk using a FMEA. The workshop can be customized to improve Safety performance using FMEAs.  

  • QMS development: Teaches your team how to document business processes to consistently meet customer requirements while in alignment to your organization's purpose and strategic plan. 

  • Use of quality tools: The seven primary tools covered are Cause & Effect Diagram (Fish-Bone), Flowcharts, Checklists, Pareto Diagrams, Histograms, Control Charts and Scatter Diagrams. This workshop is designed as an introductory course and is recommended for non-engineers.

  • 5-why problem solving: The workshop teaches how to get to the root cause and countermeasures for any issue. 

  • Application of Lean-six sigma: We will cover the ways that lean combined with six-sigma can help your organization reduce waste, improve quality and achieve your strategic vision.  We will explore how to avoid one of the most common mistakes which is using six-sigma to reduce variation before having a lean fully and capable process. 

QMS Management System Audits

The internal auditing process is often seen as a necessary activity that doesn’t add much value and adds more work on support groups.  Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC conducts internal audits, supplier audits, system implementation audits, remediation audits, gap assessments, and auditor training as part of a comprehensive approach to improvement. Packages are available to completely manage all phases of your internal audit requirements which will cost less than using internal resources and in many cases be more effective. Dan Robinson is a certified IATF 16949:2016/ISO:2015 lead auditor with over 34 years of QMS and customer-specific auditing experience.  

Strategic Planning & Development

Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC, Dan Robinson's expertise as a strategic planning consultant includes planning facilitation, strategy design, and implementation.  Dan starts by meeting with the leadership team to confirm, revise or develop the vision, mission, value proposition, and core values of the organization in a workshop setting.  The planning phase is followed by the implementation phase to confirm alignment from the top to the bottom of the organization and ensure daily decisions are made to support the strategic plan. A key part of implementation is conducting scheduled performance management reviews to ensure S.M.A.R.T goals are being met.  Robinson Consulting Solutions, LLC  has the skills and methodologies to ensure maximum execution of your strategies.

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