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   "As a small business owner, a person wears a lot of different hats. Making time to work on the business and not always in the business is a constant battle.  We felt the need to reach out for some help on creating strategic goals, mapping out a plan for the future direction of our business, and to make sure our team was aligned with our vision. Dan has been an incredible resource for our business. Many of the items he has helped us with are things we as a company have talked about in the past, but we never set timelines and put these “ideas” into action. Dan makes sure that the goals we set are being met with routine check ups and offers his expertise on the issues as needed to make sure we achieve these goals in the timeframe we agreed to. His vast experience in a variety of manufacturing settings allows him to offer advice that has been very beneficial to us. Being a family run business, with a lot of seasoned team members who have blessed us with their talents for many years, we found it very refreshing to get some advice and recommendations from someone outside the business. It’s easy to get caught in the ruts, doing things a certain way because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Dan uses his experience to help offer suggestions on how to make our business stronger, more sustainable, more efficient, how to create a business that can operate without the owner’s being there 60+ hours each week. He not only offers suggestions and ideas, but he also helps lay out a plan to make sure these things become reality, not just a talking point. Our only regret with hiring Dan was we didn’t know about him years ago!"


Patrick Fehrenbacher, VP

Fehrenbacher Cabinets Inc

     "Dan Robinson reported to me when he was Plant Manager of our Evansville (Vitro) manufacturing facility, which due to it's size, complexity and customer mix is far and away the most difficult to manage in the PGW system. In this role, Dan was recognized throughout the company as a highly effective leader who took complete ownership over every aspect of the plant's performance. He and his team consistently beat his monthly and annual budget commitments all while improving safety, quality, inventory, and employee engagement.  He motivates his team with clear expectations, a firm grasp of the data, and a clear, vision, uncompromising performance expectations, a firm grasp of the data, and a clear, direct communication style that leaves no ambiguity or confusion among the workforce.

      In addition to his outstanding tactical performance, Dan is a natural strategic thinker who anticipates future challenges to the business and proactively develops executable plans to meet those challenges. He also takes time to identify, nurture, and develop talent in such a way that the people he leads often become candidates for promotional opportunities not only at his site but throughout the organization.

I enjoyed working with Dan and learned a lot from him, and highly recommend him for any executive level position, particularly for VP level positions leading wither manufacturing, supply chain, and or quality functions. "


Bill Paulus - Chief Operating Officer


       "I met Dan in my early 30's, just in the middle of big changes with both family and work, as my new manager. We had both relocated thousands of miles away from home: Dan as the new plant manager of a loss maker manufacturing site, me as a young guy helping out.  That's where I found my model to follow. Not only I saw the P&L getting better and better as he took the lead. Not only I truly realized how an aweful crisis can by turned into an awesome opportunity. The absolute epiphany was to see Dan in action with people. From his first line reports down to non-english speaking operators, every single day he would take the time to walk there, observe, listen and talk to people, no matter what. And be the one to show everybody how to go the extra mile.

       And when he ran out of time... can't forget the enlightening lessons on strategic thinking while eating a burger together!"


 Andrea Ricelli, PMP - Program Manager

 DiaSorin - Turin, Italy

      "Dan and I have worked together for a couple of decades. He is an experienced Plant Manager and is great with his financials and customer service. He has managed single plant and multiple plant locations. He has improved the plant's performance and is always someone that I counted on."


 Terry Wolfe - Former VP of Product & Process Technology


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